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Recruiting IT Talent for your Startup or Tech Company

When recruiting IT talent for your startup or tech company, you need to be extremely vigilant and careful. A startup can only grow in the long run if the talent recruited also has versatile skills and fits into the early team in human terms. As a tech company, you need specialists to stay innovative and on top for the long term.

The process of recruiting becomes even more critical when it comes to talent acquisition for your startup. Think about successful companies like Uber, Airbnb or Apple. Have you ever thought about how these tech companies have reached this level of success?

A startup can only become exceptionally successful if the tech workers in it are technically and socially competent specialists.

Basically, it all starts with the job posting. When looking for talent for a tech company, it is assumed that because you have the easiest job, you will be one of the happiest employees in the company. However, the reality is the opposite.

If you want to optimize your startup or tech company, you should constantly review your recruiting strategy to hire the best IT talent.

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How can I find new IT talent for my startup?

There are certainly several factors to consider when looking for new IT talent, here are our top tips.

For a tech startup, hiring the best possible talent is definitely your goal. To scale your existing business, you should develop and follow a strategy.

Below are some of the proven tips on how to attract the best new IT talent to your startup or tech company despite the talent shortage.

  1. Look for IT pros where they can be found - IT talent you're looking to hire for your startup or company will most certainly have a job. One of the places you can find your future software developer is on the sites they need to work on, such as Github, Stack Overflow, CodePen and the like. Often, you can post a startup job to a job board or buy an advertisement slot on these sites.
  2. Reach qualified candidates through your product and company culture - Are you developing a great product, are you having an outstanding team culture? Then show it off! Reviews, contests, product marketing, social media not only bring customers, but also ensure the one or other job application.
  3. Post your jobs(!) - As a startup or tech giant company, you surely have a website. Therefore, list your jobs on your website and if possible and use specialized it job posting sites, such as for promotion. Add your job opening on as many job boards as possible to get a wide spread and reach as many job seeker as possible.
  4. Rely on recommendation - This doesn't mean you only look around your professional community. To find the best software engineer for your talent pool, explore the tech professionals in your area.The best part? There's an old saying that we get the most help from our friends and acquaintances. Yes, you heard it right. Having an extensive network would help you in finding potential candidate for your interview process. The more you know the tech talent, the smoother you will work with them.
  5. Captivate talents with talents - Learn how to captivate talent with talent. As you work to scale your larger company, try to get maximum support from your current tech hub.Consider interacting with your active tech professionals who work for your company. Ask them to spread the word about the job opening in their respective circles. Hold an ambassador meeting that will increase your chances of recruiting the most effective IT talent.

How can you successfully attract IT talent?

Attracting IT talent for a successful tech company is much easier than attracting the same talent for a startup. You never know where your company will go. Will it perform or not?

When looking for a IT job posting, most tech candidates look at the impact, place of work, perks and benefits. A startup that offers a lower salary and hardly any perks would have a hard time attracting the best IT talent. Wait, there's more.

Starting from providing in-house training and upskilling sessions for the ambitious IT talent to offering attractive incentives, you need to adopt multiple recruitment strategies to attract the best IT talent to your startup.

Where can I recruit IT professionals?

A recruiter faces several difficulties and obstacles when recruiting talent for their tech startup. You need to be creative when recruiting IT professionals. Be confident in your decisions and have a better understanding of what your tech talent needs.

HR managers know how to recruit professionals. The key with IT talent is to observe the potential employee and find out if those tech candidates actually have the qualities required. This is not so easy with the distinct spectrum of programming languages, databases and techniques. It is important to find out whether this IT talent fits better into the team, even though he or she does not have a desired qualification, but brings many other advantages and can quickly familiarize himself or herself with new tasks.

It all starts with the interview. 

When interviewing an IT professional for a tech position for your startup or tech company, try to ask questions that will allow you to assess the candidate experience.

What does the tech talent want?

Understanding the requirements of your job posting is not enough if you want to hire a tech professional for your startup. As a hiring manager, your recruiting process should include the approach of knowing what your talent requires.

Start by understanding the requirements of your target audience. Look around for the perks and incentives that other tech companies offer. Make sure your job posting offers the best impact, opportunities and incentives for IT talent.

Some of the key areas of interest for IT professionals at a tech startup are outlined below.

  1. Salary - Whether it is specifically for an IT company or a general organization, salary is an entity that holds a lot of importance for most job seekers. Imagine you are looking for a job. Would you ever apply to a job posting that offered a lower than market salary? Of course you wouldn't. It's the same with junior IT staff. Information technology is one of the most technical fields and requires hard work and skills. Not everyone is willing to sacrifice their vital time and energy to you for a less than competitive salary.
  2. Incentives - The next item on the list of things IT talents look out for when joining a startup or tech giant is the company's facilities, incentives and benefits. Apart from the regular salary, what does the team have to offer you if you are creative and hardworking. Will the tech company promote you to a higher position if you deliver the best work? Will there be individual workplace amenities for employees? If the tech company has added benefits to their job package, chances are you'll be chasing more IT candidates for your job posting than ever before. Play smart and see the difference.
  3. Job Location - There's no denying that almost all tech job candidates consider the location of their job posting before thinking of anything else. But because of the latest advances in technology there is a growing level of remote work, even in Silicon Valley. If your job location is in the attractive center of the city, it will be easier for you to reach more qualified candidates without investing much effort and energy.
  4. Impact - Many IT professionals pay attention to the degree of change they can make through their job. In software development, for example, you like being part of something big/measurable.
  5. The Team - IT talent are good team players under general conditions. In software development, for example, agile methodologies have taken hold. Clearly highlight how IT profiles work together at your company, e.g. following Scrum or Extreme Programming. Present work processes, ideally with future team members.

What type of company are we?

To predict whether your tech startup or company will experience ups and downs in the future, observe the type of business you lead.

Only when you know the predictable success rate of your IT company will more tech candidates be attracted to your job posting. Ultimately, the recruiting process will be easier for you.

Maybe your tech company turns out to be a multi-million dollar like Paypal or Fiver. But to achieve the next big thing, your startup should have a hierarchy of talented and passionate employees. And one day you belong to the circle of faang companies.

Analyze your tech company before posting a job. See what you can do as a hiring manager to improve the overall functioning of your company.

Since this is a startup job for a tech company, there is a lot of room for positive change and modification. Think carefully and make your job opening look attractive and eye-catching in the eyes of applicants.

Are you struggling to attract top tech candidates?

No matter how hard you try, if you don't build and follow a rulebook as part of your recruiting strategy, you may never be able to attract and retain professional IT candidates for the long term.

If you're struggling to get the best IT talent for your startup or tech company, change the way you hire and approach talent. Consider the tips above and implement them into your recruiting process. We hope you find the best IT talent for your company.