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Are you looking for an IT job with up-and-coming start-ups or established business ideas? Is that why you are already living in the cities of the world where tomorrow's history will be written? Then is the right place for you!

IT jobs for job seekers: for startups:

Let me know what you do. If you have good jobs for IT professionals, I am in and post your IT jobs to support you and your start-up.

You can also get the jobs directly from for your website, see below. for employers/headhunters:

Or let me do it for you: Optionally I can monitor your website for new jobs and transfer the open IT jobs to this job board. Just contact me (my name is Andreas) for an offer.

If desired, the IT jobs can also be integrated into your website simply by script.

IT jobs for your website/careers :

As a service, the jobs can also be loaded and displayed via API. The name of the company can be used as a filter.

You are also welcome to integrate the job offer from this job board into your website. Please use this code for this via an iframe or script:

Alternatively you can download and convert the data via RSS: